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Oct. 24

The board met last night for our annual winter conference planning meeting. Here are some updates.

Money: We are still in good financial shape. If you haven't submitted dues yet, please, send those in by Nov. 15 as that's the Golden Dozen deadline. 

Deadlines: We are going to move Blue Banner deadlines up to Dec. 20 to try to compensate for weather delays, etc. We have had trouble getting awards back in time for the last couple of years, so hopefully this will 

Best Story Contest: We are going to add two middle school categories this year. Dana suggested we use photo and feature, and since she works with MS kids, that's what we are going to use. If your school district has a middle school program, yearbook or newspaper, please, share this information with them. Strong middle school programs create strong high school programs. 

Adv. of the Year: Please give the link to nominate to your students and encourage them to use it. https://sischoolpress.org/awards/

Tech at Winter Conf: We are following IHSA and adding one more computer event, taking us up to three total - infographic, photo, and ads. Students will be able to use their own devices and programs. Dana and/or Gina are going to create a Google form like the one used at IHSA for students to submit their work.

Judges/Proctors: I am going to update instructions again. One of the board members will touch base with proctors as they come in to hit the highlights. The judges info will be added to the sheets on which they record winners. If you have a former staffer who is attending SIUC who would be willing to proctor for us, please put them in touch with Darlene in the journalism office.

Sessions: We will have the double block yearbook workshop as usual. Topics that the board would like to see covered include AI, photo, broadcast, and using Canva to design ads. If you have topics you would like to see covered, please let me know as soon as possible

Adviser lunch: We decided to scrap the adviser lunch and create an adviser hospitality room instead. We will have coffee and a nice place to sit and visit during the first session and then a short adviser meeting in the second session. Please, bring lessons to trade with one another as we have some new advisers who would love that information. Then everyone can have lunch on their own or with their kids or whatever. 

I think that covers everything. As always, if you have any suggestions, please let one of us know.

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