• March 29Blue Banner, newspaper and website, are due January 15.
  • March 23Golden Dozen deadline is November 15.
  • March 23Best Story Contest entries are due January 15.


Site for the Southern Illinois School Press Association




In order to participate in SISPA’s contests or attend the Winter Conference, a school must become a member.

Membership is $50 per school. Membership dues cover all publications within that school and should be submitted by Nov. 1

Membership entitles member schools to compete in all mail-in and on-site contests that are held during the year. Schools will also receive a publication critique when entering Golden Dozen or Blue Banner contests.

Simply print out the membership form, complete it, enclose it and a check for $50 (payable to SIUC/SISPA), and mail to:

Cathy Wall

Harrisburg High School

333 W. College St.

Harrisburg, IL  62946

An email will be sent to notify you when your school’s membership fee is received.

2022-23 Members

Alton High School (enrollment 2000), Alton, IL

Newspaper: The Redbird Word

Website: The Daily Bird (thedailybird.org)

Adviser: April Gray

Yearbook: The Tatler

Adviser: Bridget Heck

Belleville West High School (enrollment 2150) Belleville, IL

Newspaper: Hy News

Website: Hy News

Adviser: Stephen Garland

Yearbook: Bellevinois

Adviser: Ashley Short

Boonville High School (enrollment 866) Boonville, IN

Newspaper: The Pioneer

Website: BHS Pioneer Online

Yearbook: The Musket

Adviser: Mike White

Brown County High School (enrollment 210), Mt. Sterling, IL

Yearbook: Rambler

Adviser: Kris McCaskill

Carbondale High School (enrollment 1000), Carbondale, IL

Yearbook: Dial

Adviser: Brandi Jones

Carlyle High School (enrollment 280 ), Carlyle, IL

Yearbook: Tomahawk

Adviser: Gina Shook

Carmi-White County High School, Carmi, IL

Yearbook: Carmian

Advisers: Hillary Gee and April Jordan

Carterville High School (enrollment 640), Carterville, IL

Newspaper: The Sphinx

Advisers: Reid Cure and Jenny Dorris

Yearbook: The Lionite

Adviser: Jenny Dorris

Website: CHSSphinx

Adviser: Reid Cure and Jenny Dorris

Chester High School (enrollment 325), Chester, IL

Newspaper: The Sting

Website: chssting.com

Adviser: Mike Springston

Yearbook: The Summit

Adviser: Steve Colonel

Website: CHS Sting

Cisne High School (enrollment 102), Cisne, IL

Yearbook: The Echo

Adviser: Vanessa Anderson

Collinsville Middle School (enrollment 956), Collinsville, IL

Yearbook: The Blaze

Adviser: Becky Juelfs

Coulterville High School (enrollment 220), Coulterville, IL

Newspaper: The Screaming Eagle

Adviser: Kate Dale

Yearbook: The Eagle

Adviser: Sarah Richter

DuQuoin High School (enrollment 400), DuQuoin, IL

Newspaper: The Magnavox

Yearbook: The Flashlight

Adviser: Rebekah Dunavan

Edwardsville High School (enrollment 2400), Edwardsville, IL

Newsmagazine: The Claw

Adviser: Amanda Thrun

Yearbook: The Tiger

Advisers: Amanda Thrun and Ashley Valzuzuela

Website: Tiger Times

Adviser: Amanda Thrun

Frankfort Community High School (enrollment) West Frankfort, IL

Glenwood High School (enrollment 1508), Chatham, IL

Yearbook: Mnemosyne

Adviser: Patti Kaylor

Greenfield High School (enrollment 126), Greenfield, IL

Yearbook: Shere Khan

Adviser: Angie Brown

Greenville Junior High School (enrollment 300) Greenville, IL


Adviser: Amber Pruitt

Hamilton County Senior High School (enrollement 329) McCleansboro, IL

Yearbook: Pyramid

Adviser: Lisa Auten

Harrisburg High School (enrollment 555), Harrisburg, IL

Newspaper: The Purple Clarion

Adviser: Cathy Wall

Yearbook: Keystone

Adviser: Hilary Ford

Website: The Purple Clarion

Adviser: Cathy Wall

Herrin High School (enrollment 655), Herrin, IL

Website: The Tiger Tattler

Adviser: Sami Goetting

Yearbook:The Herrinite

Adviser: Sami Goetting

Mater Dei Catholic High School (enrollment 352), Breese, IL

Newspaper: Lance

Adviser: Emily Timmerman

Yearbook: Knight

Advisers: Pam Zurliene and Melissa Kunkle

Meridian Senior High School (enrollment 303), Meridian, IL

Yearbook: Meridian Moments

Website: Meridian Daily

Adviser: TillieAnn Boliard

Morton High School (enrollment 1060), Morton, IL

Yearbook: The Cauldron

Adviser: Krista Kolls

Mt. Vernon Township High School (enrollment 1300), Mt. Vernon, IL

Newspaper: Vernois News

Website: Vernois News Online

Yearbook: Vernois

Adviser: Jamey VanZandt

Okawville Middle/High School (enrollment 67/198), Okawville, IL

Yearbook: Timepiece

Website: Launch Pad

Adviser: Dana Donovan

Payson-Semour Jr./Sr. High School (enrollment 146), Payson, IL

Yearbook: Seymourian

Advisers: Barb Speckhart and Diane Germann

Pittsfield High School (enrollment 359), Pittsfield, IL

Yearbook: The Saukee

Adviser: Laura Shade

Taylorville High School (enrollment 790), Taylorville, IL

Newspaper: The Zephyr

Yearbook: The Drift

Adviser: Stephen M. Steele

Teutopolis High School (enrollment 323), Teutopolis, IL

Yearbook: The Afterglow

Adviser: Emily Petty

Wayne City High School (enrollment 140), Wayne City, IL

Online Newspaper: Warhoop

Yearbook: Chieftan

Adviser: Kelli Keen

Westminster Christian Academy (enrollment 930), Town and Country, MO

Newspaper: Boonews

Website: The Wildcat Roar.com

Yearbook: The Foundation

Adviser: Scott Vonderbruegge