• March 29Blue Banner, newspaper and website, are due January 15.
  • March 23Golden Dozen deadline is November 15.
  • March 23Best Story Contest entries are due January 15.


Site for the Southern Illinois School Press Association




In order to participate in SISPA’s contests or attend the Winter Conference, a school must become a member.

Membership has been reduced to $50 per school this year due to concerns that the Winter Conference may be held virtually due to COVID restrictions. Membership dues cover all publications within that school. Membership should be submitted by November 1.

Membership entitles member schools to compete in all mail-in and on-site contests that are held during the year. Schools will also receive a publication critique when entering Golden Dozen or Blue Banner contests.

Simply print out the membership form, complete it, enclose it and a check for $50 (payable to SIUC/SISPA), and mail to:

Cathy Wall

Harrisburg High School

333 W. College St.

Harrisburg, IL  62946

An email will be sent to notify you when your school’s membership fee is received.

2021-22 Members

Alton High School (enrollment 1,987), Alton, IL

Newspaper: The Redbird Word

Website: The Daily Bird (thedailybird.org)

Adviser: April Gray

Yearbook: The Tatler

Adviser: Bridget Heck

Brown County High School (enrollment 210), Mt. Sterling, IL

Yearbook: Rambler

Adviser: Kris McCaskill

Carbondale High School (enrollment 950), Carbondale, IL

Yearbook: Dial

Adviser: Brandi Jones

Carlyle High School (enrollment 281 ), Carlyle, IL

Yearbook: Tomahawk

Adviser: Gina Shook

Carterville High School (enrollment 650), Carterville, IL

Newspaper: The Sphinx

Adviser: Reid Cure

Yearbook: The Lionite

Adviser: Jenny Dorris

Website: CHSSphinx

Adviser: Reid Cure

Chester High School (enrollment 330), Chester, IL

Newspaper: The Sting

Website: chssting.com

Adviser: Mike Springston

Yearbook: The Summit

Adviser: Steve Colonel

Website: CHS Sting

Cisne High School (enrollment 89), Cisne, IL

Yearbook: The Echo

Adviser: Vanessa Anderson

Collinsville Middle School (enrollment 960), Collinsville, IL

Yearbook: The Blaze

Adviser: Becky Juelfs

Coulterville High School (enrollment 210 ), Coulterville, IL

Newspaper: The Screaming Eagle

Adviser: Kate Dale

Yearbook: The Eagle

Adviser: Sarah Richter

DuQuoin High School (enrollment 425), DuQuoin, IL

Newspaper: The Magnavox

Yearbook: The Flashlight

Adviser: Rebekah Dunavan

Edwardsville High School (enrollment 2300), Edwardsville, IL

Newsmagazine: The Claw

Adviser: Amanda Thru

Yearbook: The Tiger

Advisers: Amanda Thrun, Lauren Mudge and Ashley Valzuzuela

Website: Tiger Times

Adviser: Amanda Thrun

Eldorado High School (enrollment 321), Eldorado, IL

Yearbook: Golden E

Adviser: Teresa Boulds

Glenwood High School (enrollment 1458), Chatham, IL

Yearbook: Mnemosyne

Adviser: Patti Kaylor

Greenfield High School (enrollment 133), Greenfield, IL

Yearbook: Shere Khan

Adviser: Angie Brown

Harrisburg High School (enrollment 555), Harrisburg, IL

Newspaper: The Purple Clarion

Adviser: Cathy Wall

Yearbook: Keystone

Adviser: Hilary Ford

Website: The Purple Clarion

Adviser: Cathy Wall

Herrin High School (enrollment 677), Herrin, IL

Website: The Tiger Tattler

Adviser: Sami Goetting

Yearbook:The Herrinite

Adviser: Sami Goetting

Mater Dei Catholic High School (enrollment 379), Breese, IL

Newspaper: Lance

Adviser: Emily Timmerman

Yearbook: Knight

Advisers: Pam Zurliene and Melissa Kunkle

Meridian Senior High School (enrollment 287), Meridian, IL

Yearbook: Meridian Moments

Website: Meridian Daily

Adviser: Sheila Moore

Morton High School (enrollment 1080), Morton, IL

Yearbook: The Cauldron

Adviser: Krista Kolls

Okawville Middle/High School (enrollment 67/198), Okawville, IL

Yearbook: Timepiece

Website: Launch Pad

Adviser: Dana Donovan

Payson-Semour Jr./Sr. High School (enrollment 173), Payson, IL

Yearbook: Seymourian

Advisers: Barb Speckhart and Diane Germann

Pittsfield High School (enrollment 315), Pittsfield, IL

Yearbook: The Saukee

Adviser: Laura Shade

Sacred Heart-Griffin High School (enrollment 558), Springfield, IL

Yearbook: Sacred Heart Griffin

Adviser: Grace Fahey

Taylorville High School (enrollment 750), Taylorville, IL

Newspaper: The Zephyr

Yearbook: The Drift

Adviser: Stephen M. Steele

Triad High School (enrollment 1156), Troy, IL

Yearbook: Knightline

Adviser: Becky Amen

Wayne City High School (enrollment 38), Wayne City, IL

Online Newspaper: Warhoop

Yearbook: Chieftan

Adviser: Kelli Keen

Westminster Christian Academy (enrollment 930), Town and Country, MO

Newspaper: Boonews

Website: The Wildcat Roar.com

Yearbook: The Foundation

Adviser: Scott Vonderbruegge